Ise Oluwa
12 May 1995 | Gospel

Our Values

Our program reflects the belief that the artist of tomorrow will require both the ability to DSC06060perform at the highest leveland the capacity to give back to the community,inspiring the next generation of musicians and music lovers.

Top 10 Musical Instruments

Generally there are instruments easy of learn that others.
•   Violin: Violins are very easy to begin learning and is generally mostly suitable for children 6 years and older.

•   Piano: Generally for kids 6 years and older, the piano is one of the most light instruments. Usually the traditional pianos are very recommendable for beginners.

•    Double Bass: This instrument is like a huge cello and is played the same way, by friction the bow across the strings.

•    Guitar: The guitar is one of the most popular instruments and is suitable for students age 6 years upwards.

•    Clarinet: Another instrument of the woodwind family that is easy to begin for kids ten years and older.

•    Trumpet: The trumpet belongs to the brass family of instruments and is quite easy to begin for students age ten and older.

•    Saxophone: It’s suitable for kids’ age twelve years and older.

•    Flute: Flutes are very popular and suitable for children to learn at age ten upwards.

•    Harp: It’s suitable for kid’s age six years and older.

•   Cello: Another instrument that is fairly easy to begin and suitable for kids six years and older.

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