Ise Oluwa
12 May 1995 | Gospel

The Triangle OF Music

There are three ways to music. How? It takes three people to make music.
  • Performer
  • Composer
  • Audience

Therefore, we are going to be more practical in our approach in teaching the children music. Since we belong to the school of thought who says “sound is music” we will focus on the following areas:

1 piano / percussion 2 voice/choir 3 Band/Orchestral

Piano lesson will be basically done 1-1, at the same time we will encourage group performance and playing simple accompaniment. There will be regular quarterly Piano Recital. It will involve Solo and duet as well as accompaniment.


Voice training will be given more attention as well to encourage solo vocal performance and to build up a formidable standard choir of World standard. Children/junior orchestra will also have our attention. This will also help us to encourage our entire instrumentalist to be able to perform different kind of ensemble and also as a Band. There will be singing school which is the background for voice training.


Piano been the King of all instruments, will be our major/primary instruments for accompaniment and recital, While other instruments will be minor or secondary.  The Band will come out of individual training or learning one instrument or the other.

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