Ise Oluwa
12 May 1995 | Gospel

Music Benefits

Many aspects could influence in the importance of receive an authentic music education and recent researches about the benefits of music education includes that definitely they will be necessary for the next decades. Here is a resume in a wide categories based on research about benefits of music.

Here is a list of benefits beginning from the simple reason for what take music lessons to the recent researches that reveal that a music program must be to start even from very premature age.

  1. Playing a musical instrument could be a source of get great fun and be relaxed.
  2. Help to increase self-esteem, teaching young people to conquer fear and to take risks as a consequence of a good self-expression.
  3. Help to develop your teamwork skills. In order for an orchestra to sound good, all musicians must work together harmoniously toward a unique goal.
  4. Taking musical lessons are a nice hobby.
  5. Teenagers that incline to play an instrument in school are less exposed of having discipline problems.
  6. Recent researches about reading revealed that musical training increase the reading skills.
  7. Students rhythmically skilled tends to coordinate and to plan their daily lives as a research of the Professional Resource Center in 2000.
  8. Definitely experts can assure that this list of music benefits affirm that art and music programs will make express better our ideas in every context.
  9. Help to develop brain areas of language and understanding.
  10. The left part of our brain involved with processing language is developed with the musical training.
  11. Music performance will teach to have discipline in the daily common activities.


Main Music Benefits

Success in Life

Music has a real power for keeping people together through a bridge to connect with others, especially for the kids which must experience the world from a new perspective.

For many adult people, music brings their minds the improving of their health, decreasing the anxiety, depression and loneliness, and giving a real sense about the value of life.

Success in School

A real music instruction during the first years of school could increase in the children the possibility of improving the reading ability and to enhance the process of learning.

Any music student in spite of hard work to learn playing any musical instrument enhances their study skills as well as communication and cognitive skills. But if your real passion is playing the piano, you must be sure that you increase your math skills.

Success in Society

The value of music in the society is shaping individual abilities, for example for secondary students that participated in real music programs in music school reported the lowest lifetime and use of substances like alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

Every human culture uses the music to express its ideas and ideals, in this sense music always will be present in our lives and we should not be unaware of music art.

Success in Developing Intelligence

Researches confirm that music performance contributes in the success of developing intelligence in many aspects: sensorial, spatial, emotional, auditive, visual, tactile among others.

Musical training in any age results more important than you ever imagine before, for example to improve the spatial-temporal intelligence will be important take lessons on song bells.

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