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Music Education

Music plays an important role in people’s lives for enjoyment in listening, performing and emotional response. Music documents the history and cultural changes of the society, for that reason it has evolved over time in which combining new ideas with older ones Music can create sounds that are unique for each generation. One of the great things about music is that it offers a new world of experience that stimulates the mind, physical coordination, and expression.

Today, find a music school where following a career in music professionally is no longer a problem, because there are accredited music schools perfectly equipped to offer a quality education by which students learn important and necessary skills to improve their minds and their expressive ability and have the opportunity to learn an instrument or sing. At the end of the music career you can get the best music job in according your musical skills.

Welcome to music schools directory organized by country and city, here you can read preview information about how to choose a school, how to learn music, tips to get job opportunities and even other music resources like musical instruments, music genres, music theory and a complete music


Because teaching is the big reward of years of satisfying service. Normally teach music, offers many classes of satisfaction, for example the musicians and the artists obtained their interests in a music class.
Music is mathematical
Because help us to develop creativity and learn to read. Also Music help us to know the meaning, to be able to form melodic & lyrical thoughts.

Music is Historical

Music frequently reflects the environment and times of its creation, often even the country.

Music is a foreign language

  • Because most of the terms are in Italian and also is known which the semantics of music is the most complete and language universal.

Music is Physical Education

  • Because Music requires a perfect coordination of fingers, hands, arms, lips, cheeks, and facial muscles, usually the extraordinary control of the diaphragm, back, stomach, and chest muscles, which respond instantly to the sound the ear hears and the mind interprets.

Music is a Science

Because it’s specific and exact.

Actual music is all these things, but most of all, Music is art.
Usually a teacher can
• Work with learners of all cultures & ages.
• Take benefits of excellent opportunities for individual creative involvement.
• Experience the thrill of sharing thoughts and feelings with others and seeing others learn.
• Enjoy time for recreational travel and professional development.

Top 10 Musical Instruments

Generally there are instruments easy of learn that others.
• Violin: Violins are very easy to begin learning and is generally mostly suitable for children 6 years and older.

• Piano: Generally for kids 6 years and older, the piano is one of the most light instruments. Usually the traditional pianos are very recommendable for beginners.

• Double Bass: This instrument is like a huge cello and is played the same way, by friction the bow across the strings.

• Guitar: The guitar is one of the most popular instruments and is suitable for students age 6 years upwards.

• Clarinet: Another instrument of the woodwind family that is easy to begin for kids ten years and older.

• Trumpet: The trumpet belongs to the brass family of instruments and is quite easy to begin for students age ten and older.

• Saxophone: It’s suitable for kids’ age twelve years and older.

• Flute: Flutes are very popular and suitable for children to learn at age ten upwards.

• Harp: It’s suitable for kid’s age six years and older.

• Cello: Another instrument that is fairly easy to begin and suitable for kids six years and older.

What do I do if my child’s instrument isn’t working?

Consult our office, we have the Technician both for electrical/electronic or Acoustic
To buy musical Instruments contact the following address:
Orpheus Music Mart
34, Awolowo Rd, Ikoyi Lagos Tel 0806 3018578
Alexto Music Mart
Sebuff Plaza, Igbara Jakande Lekki Lagos TEL 08033633502, 07086627372

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