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National Association of Music Educators

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National Association of Music Educators

VGC Ikota
Lekki Lagos
National Association of Music Educators
Head office: Lagos
Please, we are compiling the list of interested members for inaugural Music workshop/seminars/master class/refresher programme among others.There will also be opportunity to use music software and learn more about music technology.

The association will cater for Music teachers, Music Directors, Choir directors and music assistants.It is for any of the teacher in any of these categories:Pre-school/Infant/Nursery, Primary/elementary, Secondary (Junior & Senior/College)This is open to all music educators all over Nigeria. Membership is open to both certificated and amateurs.

Everyone is free to join whether private or public school

Benefits for members:

1. You are entitled to a professional certificate for CPD.

2. In case of any vacancy both in Nigeria and Abroad.

3. As a resource centre from other professional colleagues.

4. Opportunity for workshop or summer programme information from experienced colleagues.

5. Opportunity to share your talent as a presenter or to teach in the workshop among others.

6. Certificate of Membership & ID Card

7. There may be opportunity to have information for scholarship or assistance for further study.

8. It will assist you to have information from other school and attend their programme/concert/production.

9. Of course, you will get to know other professional colleagues for a quick help in term of needs.

10. Finally, Teachers are allowed to copy good thing from others.


Welcome on board!  God bless you!!

Teaching is profession of the 21st century, the noble profession & successful people.

“Everyone is a teacher”- Abraham Ogunmola (1987)

Thank you for joining us in making music.


Abraham Olaniyi Ogunmola
Director and founder Music Language School

How to join: Click to Join

Thank You.
Yours professionally

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